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Paddle Surf
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Paddle surf: emocionante y relajante al mismo tiempo.
Paddle Surf cuevas de Tossa
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Paddel Surf Tossa de Mar

Sup Tossa is a company dedicated to paddle surfing that offers unique experiences on the Costa Brava. We have a team of professionals who are passionate about sports and nature, ensuring personalized attention and high-quality service. We offer board rentals, courses, and guided excursions for all levels and ages. Our goal is to ensure that our customers fully enjoy this activity and discover the beauty of the Costa Brava from a different perspective.

Join us and experience the adventure of Paddle Surfing in Tossa de Mar!

Paddel Surf Tossa de Mar

What is PAddel Surf?

Paddle surfing is a water sport that has gained popularity worldwide in recent years. It involves standing on a board and paddling with a single-bladed paddle. It is an activity that combines the excitement of surfing with the tranquility of paddling, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced athletes.

Paddle surfing originated in Polynesia, where native people used it to navigate the sea and fish. Currently, paddle surfing is a sport that has become a global phenomenon and has a large number of followers.

One of the main advantages of paddle surfing is that it is a highly comprehensive sport that engages the entire body. When paddling, the muscles of the arms, legs, abdomen, and back are all engaged, which helps improve strength and physical endurance. Additionally, paddle surfing is a low-impact sport that doesn’t put stress on the joints, making it suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Paddle Surf Tossa de Mar is for you!

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Download the photos and videos we take during the excursion!

From this link, you can download the photos and videos we took during the excursion so that you can have a keepsake of this fantastic experience!

They will be for 15 days, after they will be deleted!!!!

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